Friday, March 30, 2012

Best Days of Our Lives...

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Happy Belated Birthday!

Happy Belated Birthday Janice!!

When are you dropping back to SG for a visit?

Cheers, Jason Liu

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Chirikongkongkway Lah

Happy Bday Janice!

I know you're happy celebrating your bday there in Chicago but it could have been better for us here in SG (na iniwan mo, btw) na andito ka to celebrate with us.... =D

We miss you and we love you!

-Gavin, Gaill and Steve

Monday, August 24, 2009

Happy Birthday Fongjan!

Hey janice!

Happy, happy, happy birthday! The big 3-0! If before, this age is being greeted with dread because mawawala na sa calendar, now it's not the case anymore as women are only getting more and more fab as they grow older. And you're no exception, girlfriend!

I can't wait to see you again. Are you coming home this Christmas? I bet you're super blooming na coz i heard about this certain guy in your life...hmmm...ikaw ha! Di ka nagkukuwento! hahahaha

I love you Janice! Keep up with making the people around you laugh. That's truly a gift and makes you a real keeper!


Maligayang Kaarawan!

Uy, musta na? Tanda mo na naman..hehehe sana'y maging masaya ang araw ng iyong kapanganakan..ingat lagi! =)

Happy Birthday, Janice!

Janice, can't wait to see you again! Can't wait to hear your stories!

Happy birthday! Yiheeee!

Your 6 hrs away neighbor girlfriend,

Happy Birthday Janice!

Hey Janice,

Here's a full force of birthday greetings from people in Singapore! I hope your enjoying the summer there, next time its gonna be cold again.

Im looking forward to seeing you in December! Would be fun seeing you around, well chain you at one of the hdb here, right Joy? hehe. Just kidding. Have fun on your birthday, go out ha! Dont spend it alone in your pad.


Happy Happy Bday Janice!!!

It's your birthday again!!! =) Hope you are well and happy on your birthday! Judging from your happy pics in FB, I'm sure you'll have a great time there on your Bday. Glad to see you enjoying life! Post more pics for us to see =) hehe

Happy Bday again,

Happy na Birthday pa!

Wow Janice! =) You look so happy! I really hope we could visit and celebrate with you on your next birthday! Sa ngayon ay moral support muna ang ibibigay namin hehe. Have fun!!!

God bless you always. Stay beautiful! =)


Janice ... Happy bday ... 3 decades na

Hi Janice..

GRabe bilis ng panahon...
I just remembered doing this last year.. and now bday mo na :)

Hopefully you are having fun there.
I heard dapat may ibabalita ka raw sa amin. I'm waiting for that..

Happy bday!!!! Miss yah.

Anu wish mo? parang feeeling ko alam ko na hahahah